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Joe Myers Construction, Inc. includes a full team of architectural, design and construction professionals who take pride in managing the countless details of a project and turning the vision into a beautiful home or business.

A native of Everett, WA, Joe is recognized in the industry for his reliability, workmanship, artistic design abilites and "can do" approach to any project.

A skilled and talented professional craftsman, Joe will often be at the project site alongside the trusted crew of more than ten years.

Our team of professionals and experience in waterfront designs, commericial and residential construction allow us to navigate through the logistics of designing, permitting, scheduling, and construction.

Attention to detail and a desire to create our clients' vision is the guiding principle for providing an exemplary level of service.

Joe Myers Construction Inc.

Are you looking for an experienced, dependable contractor for your residential and commercial building, remodeling or repair project? If so, you owe it to yourself to get to know Joe Myers Construction, Inc.

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